About the Author

Photo Credit: Claude Sprague

Photo Credit: Claude Sprague

Julie Rehmeyer is an award-winning math and science journalist and contributing editor at Discover magazine. Her work has appeared in  the New York Times, the Washington Post, Discover, Science News, Aeon, Wired, High Country News and many other publications.

She began her career as a mathematician, doing her graduate work in math at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She then taught math and the classics at St. John's College, a Great Books school. After that, she turned to science writing, specializing in mathematics. 

For seven years, she wrote the Math Trek column for Science News, where she delighted in showing her readers how mathematics could reveal so many different facets of the world. She also wrote the Equation column for WIRED, where each story described a single equation that underlay some fascinating phenomenon in the real world. In addition, she's written about a wide variety of science topics, including the effort to save the Tasmanian devil and how safe it is to eat salmon.

In 1999, she began to show the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), and by 2011, she was so sick that she sometimes couldn't even turn over in bed. Determined to regain her health, she embarked on a journey that challenged her preconceptions about science, as she discovered shocking problems with our system of medical research. Her quest for wellness took her far from medical orthodoxy—and to a life that was more satisfying than she could have imagined. She chronicles her experience in Through the Shadowlands: A Science Writer’s Odyssey into an Illness Science Doesn’t Understand, which will be published by Rodale Press in May. She has also written several articles on the topic.